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Our Mission

PHIL empowers and engages emerging leaders to create community impact through intentional charitable giving.

We Are

Motivated, successful and impact-focused leaders striving to purposefully connect and engage to create real social change.

Local Charities + Engaged Leaders + High Impact =

How does PHIL work?

As a GIVER, we put you in the driver’s seat. What does this actually mean?

We have 4 events each year and at each event, 3 charities pitch. At the end of the event, YOU vote for the charity you want to donate to.

per year

will pitch

charity wins
our donation.

Get Involved

Are you a local charity or non-profit that could benefit from a donation? Do you want to engage with emerging leaders? We want to hear from you!

Are you looking for an opportunity to create impact in your community, but not really sure where to get started?

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